STFF Shorts 2015

The short films of 12 finalists are screened as part of the Short Film Competition, in its

second year. The competition jury, comprised of distinguished voices in the Seattle arts and film

community, selected Doğuş Özokutan Çiftçioğlu’s film “Random Attempts” as the winner from

among the finalists. Demet Sever’s film “Rejection” was runner-up, while Yusuf Özer took third

place with his film “Man On The Road.”

Çiftçioğlu, flew to Seattle and is covered by STFF, is hosted at the historic Hotel

Sorrento in Seattle for the duration of the festival.

The Winner Film

Director:  Doğuş Özokutan Çiftçioğlu

Screenwriter:  Doğuş Özokutan Çiftçioğlu

Stars:  Hatice Tezcan

Genre:  Comedy, Drama

A question as old as the history of humankind: What does one live for? Why should we keep on living? Do we have the right to be unhappy about life after fulfilling the roles society has assigned us? According to our film's character Ayla, having no problem in her life does not mean everything is going well. Her monotonous life itself is a sufficient reason for committing suicide. Ayla who decides to take her own life somehow cannot succeed. 

1st Runner Up

Director:  Çiğdem Vitrinel

Screenwriter:  Ceyda Aşar, Çiğdem Vitrinel (Based on İlham Algör's novel)

Stars:  Erdal Beşikçioğlu, Sezin Akbaşoğulları, Erdinç Gülener

Genre:  Drama, Romance


Arif, “a writer with no published books” as he describes himself, bumps into Müzeyyen while he is trying to figure out women and love. Arif is sick of the endless expectations of women, and Müzeyyen seems to be wanting nothing but to give. Arif thinks that women always talk about themselves, and Müzeyyen says nothing but encourages him to talk instead. While he is working on finishing his novel, Arif wanders around Müzeyyen’s passionate and mysterious world. At the end of this sensuous journey, Müzeyyen will bring Arif deep sorrow and also some of the answers he’s been looking for so desperately.

2nd Runner Up

Director:  Yusuf Özer

Screenwriter:  Yusuf Özer

Stars:  Yılmaz Angay

Genre:  Fiction

A man hitch-hikes in the country side with luggage in his hand. He has to make a decision if he should get in the car that stops for him or should he help another car that breaks



Beth Barrett

Seattle International Film Festival - Director of Programming

Beth is responsible for managing all aspects of film programming, the staff of film programmers, and

securing films and guests for the Festival. She is also instrumental in the programming and management

of SIFF Cinema and SIFF’s other year-round programs. An aficionado of short films, she secured SIFF’s

status as an Academy Award® qualifying festival in 2008.

Charles Mudede

The Stranger - Associate Editor, Filmmaker

Charles Mudede writes about film, books, music, and his life in Rhodesia, Zimbabwe, the USA, and the

UK for The Stranger. Mudede is also a filmmaker: Two of his films, Police Beat and Zoo, premiered at

Sundance, and Zoo was screened at Cannes. Mudede has written for the New York Times, Cinema

Scope, Ars Electronica, C Theory, and academic journals.

Courtney Sheehan

Northwest Film Forum - Artistic Director

Courtney Sheehan leads Northwest Film Forum’s year-round film exhibition and special events

programs, and has curated film programs and produced events for theaters and festivals on three

continents. As a journalist, Courtney has covered film events ranging from the world’s largest

documentary festival (IDFA in Amsterdam) to South America’s largest animation festival (Anima Mundi

in Rio de Janeiro) and her publications include Bitch Magazine, Senses of Cinema, The Independent, and

NECSUS: European Journal of Media Studies. She co-founded Cine Migratorio, a migration-themed film

festival in Santander, Spain.

Marcie McCabe

Film Writer

Marcie McCabe studied Film & Media at the University of Florida where she learned to break down the

essential components of a film, discuss the overall narrative, shot-by-shot analysis, and theories on how

media affects the individual and society. Working as a film writer for Vanguard Seattle

( helped further develop and hone in on the skill of writing about film and

understanding the role of the critic in the industry. More to the importance of film and culture, Marcie

believes strongly that film is one of the most powerful mediums in existence and has a tremendous

power to transform society.

Mikhael Williams

Seattle Office of Film & Music - Creative Industries Advocate

Mikhael Mei Williams is a versatile creative industries management professional with a breadth of

experience spanning entertainment, music, and film in corporate, nonprofit, public sector, and higher

education organizations. Currently she is the Creative Industries Advocate in the Seattle Office of Film +

Music where she focuses on supporting the local creative industry and connecting professionals with

opportunities to participate and engage in Seattle’s creative economy.

Semih Tareen

Film Music Composer

Semih Tareen is a 3-time award winning film composer located in Seattle. A compilation of his film music

work "Karanlik Senfoniler" (Dark Symphonies) has been released by KALAN music, the prestigious record

label in Istanbul featured in Fatih Akin's documentary "Crossing the Bridge". His latest film project,

Ghostlight, has received critical acclaim and is currently out on DVD and streaming.


Short Film Competition Director

Ozgur Arman


Rana San, M. Burak Senol, Arzu Cohen, Semih Energin, Ozgur Arman, Yasemin Tareen