STFF 2015

The 2015 festival, which opened with director Onur Ünlü’s film Let’s Sin starring Serkan Keskin,

screened seven feature length films for Seattle audiences. The Short Film Competition screening, in its second year at STFF, featured the films of competition finalists, opening with Doğuş Özokutan Çiftçioğlu’s film Random Attempts.


One of the festival’s biggest surprises was Kaan Müjdeci’s film Sivas, which represented Turkey in the

88th Academy Awards in the category of Foreign Language Film! Kaan Müjdeci was present to answer audience questions following the screening of his film about the prairie life of an 11 year-old boy and a fight dog named Sivas.


Director:  Onur Ünlü

Screenwriter:  Onur Ünlü

Stars:  Serkan Keskin, Hazal Kaya, Öner Erkan

Genre:  Action, Crime, Drama


There is a murder while at prayer. Selman Bulut, the imam of mosque, starts to investigate the murder and faces with people in the neighborhood.



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Director:  Çiğdem Vitrinel

Screenwriter:  Ceyda Aşar, Çiğdem Vitrinel (Based on İlham Algör's novel)

Stars:  Erdal Beşikçioğlu, Sezin Akbaşoğulları, Erdinç Gülener

Genre:  Drama, Romance


Arif, “a writer with no published books” as he describes himself, bumps into Müzeyyen while he is trying to figure out women and love. Arif is sick of the endless expectations of women, and Müzeyyen seems to be wanting nothing but to give. Arif thinks that women always talk about themselves, and Müzeyyen says nothing but encourages him to talk instead. While he is working on finishing his novel, Arif wanders around Müzeyyen’s passionate and mysterious world. At the end of this sensuous journey, Müzeyyen will bring Arif deep sorrow and also some of the answers he’s been looking for so desperately.


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Director:  Onur Ünlü

Screenwriter:  Onur Ünlü

Stars:  Ali Atay, Tansu Biçer, Cengiz Bozkurt

Genre:  Drama, Fantasy, Romance


A mysterious modern day fable that is set in a small town in Anatolia, where anxious Cemal attempts suicide in a barbershop. Anxieties are prevalent in the village, where there are a giant, an invisible woman, and a bookseller who can stop time with a clap of her hands.


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Director:  Ali Atay

Screenwriter:  Ali Atay, Ertan Saban

Stars:  Ertan Saban, Serkan Keskin, Luran Ahmeti

Genre:  Comedy, Drama


So begins an entertaining road story where we witness two brothers with different cultural backgrounds, who don’t even know each other, have similarities, differences and even their fights.


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Director:  Ramin Matin

Screenwriter:  Emine Yıldırım

Stars:  Emre Yetim, Mehmet Ali Nuroğlu, Suna Selen

Genre:  Drama, Family, Mystery


Two sisters in their early thirties find themselves isolated in the Aegean summer cottage of their childhood, as they must deal with their uneasy sibling relationship and confront their devastating recent past past.


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Director:  Kaan Müjdeci

Screenwriter:  Kaan Müjdeci

Stars:  Okan Avcı, Çakır, Ozan Çelik

Genre:  Drama


An eleven year old boy and a weathered fighting dog develop a strong relationship after the boy finds the dog wounded in a ditch, left to die.



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Festival Schedule

Friday, November 6th

 6:30pm – Opening Night Gala* – Gordon Biersch Brewery at Pacific Place

8:30pm – Opening Film* – Itirazım Var (Let’s Sin) – Pacific Place


Saturday, November 7th

1:30pm – Sivas** – SIFF Uptown

4:00pm – Fakat Müzeyyen, Bu Derin Bir Tutku (But Muzeyyen, That’s The Deepest Desire) –  SIFF Film Center

7:00pm – Sen Aydınlatırsın Geceyi (Thou Gild’st the Even)*** –  SIFF Film Center

9:30pm – Silsile (Consequences) –  SIFF Film Center


Sunday, November 8th 

1:00pm – Kısa Film Seansı (Short Film Competition Session)**** – SIFF Film Center

3:15pm – Kusursuzlar (The Impeccables) –  SIFF Film Center

7:00pm – Closing Film – Limonata (Lemonade)*** –  Kirkland Performance Center

9:00pm – Closing Night Gala – Kirkland Performance Center


 *Actor Serkan Keskin, actor/director Ali Atay, actress Hazal Kaya and writer and director Kaan Müjdeci  are scheduled to attend the Opening and Closing night events and Q&A after screenings.


**Sivas is Turkey’s nominee for best foreign-language film Oscar this year. Q&A with Writer and Director Kaan Müjdeci after screening of Sivas.


***Q&A with Writer and Director Ali Atay after screening of Thou Gild’st the Even and Lemonade.


****Short Film Competition winner Doğus Özokutan Çiftçioğlu was in attendance.


Festival Director

Emek Eraslan


Film, Festival, and Gala Logistics

Erol Balevi, Ebru Yildirim, Feral Gokcen, Demet Kitis, Huseyin Erdim, Banu Erdim


Community Engagement, Sponsorship, and Budget

John Gokcen, Huseyin Erdim, Ozgur Koc


Technology and Multimedia

Semih Erdogan, Huseyin Erdim


Visual Design

Kerem Ozcan


Social Media

Banu Erdim, Melis Kurban


Short Film Competition Director

Ozgur Arman

Short Film Competition

Rana San, M. Burak Senol, Arzu Cohen, Semih Energin, Ozgur Arman, Yasemin Tareen