STFF Shorts 2014

The inaugural Seattle Turkish Film Festival Short Film Competition took place in 2014. Out of over 100 applicants, 11 shorts were selected to screen together during a dedicated festival session. Bir Maç Günlügü (A Soccer Game Journal) by Deniz Özden won first place in the competition, with Mert Gökalp’s Irme coming in second and Zen by Özer Kesemen placing third.

The Winner Film

Director:  Deniz Özden

Screenwriter:  Deniz Özden

Stars:  Altan  İnci, Serhat Üstündağ, Hüseyin Kaplan, Yücel Gökçek, Hüseyin Erişken, Deniz Ceylan, Kutay Kunt, Turan Kızmaz, Ünal Hakverdi, Hüseyin Santur, Salih Ortaçay, Mehmet Günal, Hakan Hüseyin Gül, Kenan Etişgen, Onur Dursun, Zehra Şahin

Genre:  Fiction


A group of people watches a soccer game which is very important for Turkish National Soccer Team at a cafe. And very important things happen for Turkey during the game…

1st Runner Up

Director:  Mert Gökalp

Screenwriter:  Mert Gökalp

Stars:  Kuzey Aksöz, Alptekin Serdengeçti, Ömer Hüsnü Turat

Genre:  Drama, History



The story is about a captain and his boat that sails in the sea,  and also a young man whose father never wants to see his son is a fisherman. The young boy doesn’t listen to his father and fallows the other fishermen to learn how to fish a sponge. The father is angry with his son, but this doesn’t chance the young man’s mind…

2nd Runner Up

Director:  Özer Kesemen

Assistant Director:  Umut Yıldız

Stars:  Sakine Bayram, Dural Tekçe, Kurban Bayram, Furkan Tımar, Alperen Tekçe, Hilal Tekçe

Genre:  Documentary, Family

The story of a woman who fights against the difficulties of life after her husband, with her husband's second wife and 2 kids. True story of Hatice Keskin. 


Beth Barrett, Seattle International Film Festival, Director of Programming

Pamela Lavitt, Seattle Jewish Film Festival, Director

Sedat Uysal, Film Enthusiast


Short Film Competition Director

Ozgur Arman